“Opinions, news and inter-views”

Over the past few weeks things have been pretty busy on the interview front. There have also been a number of news articles reporting the use of FrontlineSMS in the Nigerian elections, and a couple of podcasts on kiwanja’s work. I regularly post details on the News section of the site, but thought it would be worth bringing them all together in a blog entry. So, if you’re interested in what’s been going on recently feel free to browse through the following links:

Nokia New Horizons Magazine: Article on kiwanja’s appropriate technology focus
African Signals: A podcasted interview with the man behind the “White African” blog
Pambazuka News: The story behind FrontlineSMS and the Nigerian elections
WSIS: FrontlineSMS featured as “ICT Success Story of the Month”
BBC News: FrontlineSMS used to monitor the Nigerian elections
BBC Digital Planet: Podcast of a radio interview on the BBC World Service
Mongabay.com: Interview about technology use in conservation and development
Net Tuesday: Podcasted interview at this San Francisco technology event