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Interested in mobile? The mobile applications database contains details of projects from around the world which make social and environmental use of mobile technology in fields such as human health, economic empowerment, conservation, education, human rights and poverty alleviation.

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Region Project name/subject Category/Type
Eurasia PEACE Agriculture (Article)
Africa WAMIS-NET Agriculture (Project)
Africa CELAC Agriculture (Project)
Africa DrumNet Agriculture (Project)
Africa First Mile Agriculture (Project)
Global Agricultural Information and Decision Support by SMS Agriculture (Document)
Asia-Pacific Farmers in Haryana Use SMS Service for Agricultural Problems Agriculture (Article)
Europe Early Aphid Migration Service for Potato Growers Agriculture (Article)
Africa CTA to Facilitate Agro-Information Dissemination to Farmers Agriculture (Article)
Africa For Ugandan Farmers, Agricultural Tips Just a Phone Call Awa... Agriculture (Article)
Africa Kenya Agricultural Commodity Exchange (KACE) Agriculture (Project)
Asia-Pacific Solution to Rice Farmers Problems Just a Text Away Agriculture (Article)
Africa SMS Trading a Boon for Zambian Farmers Agriculture (Article)
Asia-Pacific Text Messages Empower Poor Farmers Agriculture (Article)
Africa Does Digital Divide or Provide? The Impact of Cell Phones on... Agriculture (Document)
Asia-Pacific The SMS Solution Agriculture (Article)
Americas Alltel Agriculture solutions Agriculture (Project)
Asia-Pacific aAQUA - Almost all questions answered Agriculture (Project)
Asia-Pacific Cellphone application for farmers Agriculture (Project)
Africa What Do Farmers Want To Know? Agriculture (Article)

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