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We write, and get asked about our work. A lot. This page contains a selection of guest articles, book chapters and interviews. There's more writing in our PC World column, The Guardian's Global Development site, our Digital Diversity series on National Geographic, a one-off for Wired Magazine and, of course, the blog.


Stability Journal (PDF, 1.5Mb)
Article reflecting on my ten years working in the ICT4D field (October 2013)


Cambridge Business (PDF, 910Kb)
Interview with Cambridge Business News Magazine (November 2012)


Innovations Journal (PDF, 400Kb)
Co-authored article on our work ethic/approach (2011)


National Geographic Traveller Magazine (PDF, 600Kb)
Interview with the Editor in the July/August 2011 edition


Ericsson Business Review
(PDF, 213Kb)

Interview on innovation in the March 2012 edition


Stanford Social Innovation Review (online + PDF)
Guest post on the future of ICT4D (January 2013). PDF of another version is available here


BBC Future (online + blog)
BBC Future guest article on the "democratisation of development" (September 2012)


Learning from Experimentation (PDF, 200Kb)
Rockefeller Foundation paper on organisational innovation, featuring FrontlineSMS (2012)


World Watch (PDF, 462Kb)
Special feature on appropriate technology with a central focus on kiwanja's work (June 2010)


Wired Magazine (online)
Guest article for Wired Magazine on the subject of reluctant innovation (May 2012)


Testing Planet (PDF, 2Mb)
Guest article published in The Testing Planet on building mobile apps for social good (November 2011)


Digital Diversity (online)
Our series on mobile phones and appropriate technology on National Geographic


Falmer Magazine (PDF, 350Kb)
Interview with the Sussex University Alumni magazine on mobiles in conservation (Summer 2007)


BBC column (online)
kiwanja's BBC News article on East Africa, mobiles and innovation (posted September 2009)



Design Without Boundaries (PDF, 2.5Mb)
An article, co-authored with Joel Selanikio, on how to design and build mobile applications (October 2010)


BBC article (online)
kiwanja's BBC News article on the use of mobiles in international development (July 2008)


Microfinance Insights (PDF, 600Kb)
Guest article for the October 2008 edition on grassroots economic activity and mobile technology


Mobile study (PDF, 260Kb)
Co-author on an early comprehensive report on mobile technology use in international development (2003)


Boston Review (PDF, 550Kb)
Invited response to an article by Edward Miguel on economic development in Africa


Stanford Journal of African Studies (PDF, 150Kb)
The Story of FrontlineSMS published in the Fall 2007 edition of the journal


Didactics World (PDF, 150Kb)
Guest Opinion piece on the potential of mobile technology for m-Learning in the developing world (June 2008)


Nokia Horizons (PDF, 86Kb)
Interview with Nokia's "Expanding Horizons" industry magazine (May 2007 edition)


Vodafone receiver (online + blog)
Guest piece on grassroots economic activity triggered by the arrival of mobiles in communities in Africa (June 2008)
Musings (PDF, 3.8Mb)
A collection of the ten most popular posts published on the blog (January 2011)



FFI magazine article (PDF, 95Kb)
Article written for Fauna & Flora International's membership magazine on their technology programme (July 2005)
Africa Journal (PDF, 154Kb)
Summer 2007 interview with the Corporate Council of Africa's Africa Journal

Oryx Journal article (PDF, 40Kb)
'Conservation News' article on the use of text messaging in conservation, and the release of FrontlineSMS (September 2005)
GTZ ICT Report (PDF, 261Kb)
Co-authored article on the use of mobile phones and FrontlineSMS in agriculture (December 2008)



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