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The Mobile Gallery contains a range of high resolution mobile phone-related images. Intended audiences are NGOs, non-profits, students and mobile- or ICT-related news organisations looking for royalty-free photographs for use in brochures, general literature, websites, presentations, essays, project reports and proposals, and news articles. Terms and conditions of use apply. To view image dimensions and file sizes, hover the mouse over the thumbnail. To download it, just click.

The gallery is divided into five categories. The categories are Shops & Signs, Texting, Calling, Handsets and Miscellaneous. Images will load in a new window and can be saved by right-clicking in the usual fashion. Advanced users can access all of the images in table format via an index.

Please note: When images are viewed in a browser, they automatically resize to fit your screen. This sometimes degrades picture quality. Save the images and view them full-size to experience full resolution.

The mobile gallery is constantly refreshed and updated over time - if you would like to contribute images please get in touch via the Contact page.

Desktop wallpaper images (1024x768)
To use, click a thumbnail then right-click the larger image and select "Set as wallpaper" or "Set as (desktop) background"

Photo by Whiteafrican (      

Shops & Signs










Terms and conditions of use

Photographs remain the copyright of (unless numbered - see below) and may be used whole, or edited/cropped as required. Images are for strictly non-commercial use and must not be adapted in any way which alters their original meaning and/or context. Any commercial enquiries can be made through the Contact page of this site. Images must be saved and cannot be taken and/or used/linked to/from any other online photo gallery. Where individual images are used they must be cited as Image courtesy of and the reference/citation must be hyperlinked to whenever and wherever possible. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions of use then please do not use any of the images. General enquiries, or requests for larger or higher resolution versions of images, can be made through the Contact page

(1) Arrianne L. Williams (2006) courtesy of Marvin Hall, RDVP Fellow (2007)
(2) Nathan Eagle/MIT (2006) courtesy of Nathan Eagle
(3) Stephane Boyera (2007)


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