Searching where Google can’t

“We read a lot about the delivery, and popularity, of SMS services such as market prices, health advice and job alerts in developing countries, information there is clearly a need for. Only last week Grameen’s AppLab initiative, in conjunction with Google and MTN, launched a suite of SMS services in Uganda. These are the services you’ll get to hear most about when you search the Web, trawl the blogosphere and attend various conferences on the subject. It all seems pretty sewn up on the content side – I mean, what else could people earning a few dollars a day (at most) possibly want?”.

Question Box. Photo courtesy Rose Shuman

kiwanja’s latest PC World article takes a look at an exciting and innovative project which started out in India but is now spreading to Africa – Question Box – which takes the internet to places where Google is yet to reach.

21 thoughts on “Searching where Google can’t

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  13. Debbi says:

    This is great, appears to be accessible for *most* people. As one who practices including ALL voices in communication for development and uses hi- and lo-tech tools (like radio and talking sticks) I want to know whether literacy is necessary?
    I use simple symbols as icons that anyone can identify, and admire the FrontlineSMS logo as an example!
    thanks for the info

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