Advisory and Consultancy works with a wide range of local, national and international social innovators, students, entrepreneurs and non-profit organisations, providing them with a wide range of short- and long-term advisory, support, consultancy and pro-bono services. We also carry out our own internal writing, speaking and software development projects.

In addition to our own projects and longer-term contracts, additional consultancy and advisory activities have recently included:


yoti-logoYoti is a new digital identity tool which helps you prove who you are and confirm who other people are, online and face-to-face. kiwanja has been appointed an inaugural member of Yoti’s Guardian Council. Yoti Guardians are “influential individuals who ensure that Yoti always seeks to do the right thing, and that they are transparent about what they are doing and why”. We’ll be working with them over the next year to help them do just that, and to help them think about the potential of their work in the developing world.

Further details are on the Yoti website

Global eHealth Foundation

gehfThe Global eHealth Foundation (GeHF) is a UK charity dedicated to using the power of technology to bring healthcare and health education to the poorest and most disadvantaged communities in the world. GeHF is supported by a highly influential group of Trustees and Champions including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mrs. Graça Machel, Peter Gabriel and Mary Robinson. kiwanja has been appointed Chief Executive on a part-time basis to work with the Foundation to help them deliver on their objectives and mission.

Further details are on the GeHF website

Other examples of the kinds of work we get called in to help with are:

GSMA Mobile for Development

GSMA Mobile for Development (m4d) brings together mobile operators, the wider mobile industry and the development community to drive commercial mobile services for underserved people in emerging markets. It identifies opportunities for social, economic and environmental impact which stimulate the development of scalable, life-enhancing mobile services. is working with the GSMA to help understand barriers to scale for m4d services.

Further details are on the GSMA Mobile for Development website

Bellagio/PopTech Fellows Programme

PopTech and the Rockefeller Foundation are partners on a joint Fellows program that brings together small, interdisciplinary groups of hand-selected designers, economists, technologists, artists and social innovators for a two-week immersion at the Rockefeller Foundation’s renowned Bellagio Center on the shores of Lake Como, Italy. The program is designed to be a unique incubator of unconventional, cross-disciplinary collaboration around critical topics relevant to the lives of poor and vulnerable populations, and also serves as a laboratory for the study of the nature of collaboration itself as a profound tool for creative problem-solving and solution development. is working with PopTech to design the 2014 programme, which has a focus on livelihoods and similar objectives to our Means of Exchange initiative.

Further details are on the PopTech website

How We Get To Next

How We Get To Next is a new website, based on a new PBS/BBC TV series, which approaches innovation from a fresh angle. Instead of focusing on social networking start-ups, it features the quieter innovations that actually raise our standards of living in crucial ways – innovations in the way our cities share information, or the way developing world communities create clean drinking water without massive infrastructure. kiwanja’s Ken Banks is the inaugural Guest Editor for the site.

Further details on the How We Get To Next website

Ushahidi / Making All Voices Count

Making All Voices Count is a global initiative that supports innovation, scaling, and research to deepen existing innovations and help harness new technologies to enable citizen engagement and government responsiveness. Over the next year will be leading the work on ‘Innovation Strategy and Fellowships’ with one of the MAVC project partners, Ushahidi.

Further details are on the Making All Voices Count website