News Archive: 2006

Here’s where you’ll find details of kiwanja’s earliest activities from 2006 including talks, conference attendances, media interviews, writing and other general news. kiwanja only started sharing news updates in September 2006, so this page is as far back as we go. Please note: Given the age of some of these entries, some external links may now no longer work.

December 2006: kiwanja presenting at the W3C Workshop, Bangalore will be presenting a paper on Day Two of the W3C Workshop on the Mobile Web in Developing Countries, due to take place in Bangalore, India, on 5th/6th December. kiwanja will also be Chairing a meeting on the first day discussing Network Technologies. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has invited 100 participants to Bangalore where they will discuss the challenges, requirements and use cases for mobile Web access in developing countries. The Workshop brings together experts in mobile web technologies and specialists on emerging countries and the digital divide. kiwanja’s Position Paper, submitted in late October, is available for download here, and the presentation itself is here. The full workshop Agenda is also available via the W3C website

November 2006: kiwanja appointed partner for ITU initiative

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) recently appointed a Civil Society Partner for their Connect The World initiative. Set up within the context of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), the initiative is designed to showcase, consolidate and scale-up existing development activities and stimulate new partnerships. Its aim is to accelerate and strengthen efforts to bridge the digital divide. joins a range of other Civil Society organisations, along with industry giants such as Microsoft, Nokia and the GSM Association, and international organisations such as the European Commission, UNDP and the World Bank

October 2006: Website changes afoot as daily hits go over the 1,500 mark

As average daily hits to the website hit the 1,500 mark for the first time, plans for new site features and a case study database are underway. Document downloads for October totalled in excess of 900, with the ICT Report by far the most popular with over 600 requests. Watch this space for further developments and news

September 2006: kiwanja awarded Fellowship at Stanford University

In September 2006, began working with the Reuters Digital Vision Program at Stanford University as a Collaboration Fellow. The Digital Vision Program supports individuals who seek to develop technology-based solutions in the interest of humanitarian, educational, and sustainable development goals. The Program fosters social entrepreneurship and interdisciplinary projects that address real needs in underserved communities. Click here for further details of kiwanja’s contribution to the Program

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