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Here’s where you’ll find details of kiwanja’s 2007 activities including talks, conference attendances, media interviews, writing and other general news. Links to even earlier news items can be found at the bottom of the page. Please note: Given the age of some of these entries, some external links may now no longer work.

December 2007: nGOmobile closes after great response from NGOs

kiwanja’s nGOmobile competition has now closed, with early results indicating an impressive response from the global grassroots NGO community. At the first attempt – and with the help of many great supporting mobile-related sites and Blogs – over 70 NGOs representing 27 countries submitted entries, each competing for one of four prizes of laptop computers, mobile phones, GSM modems, software and cash. Judging will begin in the next couple of weeks, with the winners expected to be announced around the middle of February 2008

The competition is supported by a number of partners, including Hewlett Packard and Nokia, who have both donated equipment as prizes. Wieden+Kennedy, who were recently awarded the contract to build the new FrontlineSMS website, chipped in with a contribution of $1,000 in cash to each of the winners. Keep an eye on the nGOmobile website for the 2007 winners, a profile of some of the entries and details of a new and improved 2008 competition. Anyone interested in sponsoring future events should contact Ken Banks via the Get Involved section of this site

December 2007: FrontlineSMS profiled at media conference in Istanbul

A special session on FrontlineSMS has taken place at an international conference in Istanbul. Delegates from over forty countries were given a live demonstration of the software – followed by a discussion on its potential use in grassroots journalism and activism – during the 2007 Internews International Conference. The conference follows hot on the heels of kiwanja’s recent attendance at an Aspen Institute mobile media event in San Francisco (see news item below), and increasing interest in the use of the software in this growing field

Internews, a non-profit news-based organisation formed in 1982, works to improve access to information for people around the world by fostering independent media and promoting open communications policies in the public interest. Internews’ programs are built on the conviction that providing people with access to vibrant, diverse news and information empowers them to participate effectively in their communities, effect positive social change, improve their living standards, and make their voices heard

December 2007: New FrontlineSMS website contract awarded to W+K

Portland-based Wieden+Kennedy have been awarded the contract to design and build the new MacArthur Foundation- funded FrontlineSMS website. The new site will reflect the growing family of global FrontlineSMS users – currently active in over forty countries – and help build on its reputation as the preferred entry-level SMS tool for the global NGO community. “W+K believes in the power of mobility and the FrontlineSMS mission, and we’re very proud to be a part of this effort”, said Renny Gleeson, Global Director of Interactive Strategies for W+K

W+K is a global independent advertising agency which boasts the likes of Nokia, The Guardian, Visa and The Observer among its many big-brand clients. The FrontlineSMS site is due for launch next spring, and will coincide with the launch of the next version of the software at Global Messaging 2008 in Cannes

December 2007: returns to Uganda with Grameen

As part of its continuing work with the Grameen Technology Centre, will be returning to Uganda this month to provide technical assistance in the latest phase of their Application Laboratory (AppLab) project. Building on the network of over 7,000 Village Phone Operators in the country, is helping the Grameen Technology Center identify and develop locally relevant data applications and mobile services. Instead of focusing solely on passing on existing technologies to poor communities, the AppLab is unique in that it focuses on how information and communications technology can be developed to serve the needs and demands of poor people

December 2007: New Tactics discussion begins

As previously reported, Ken Banks is acting as a Resource Practitioner for New Tactics in Human Rights early this month, taking part in an online discussion on how mobile technology can be used to advance human rights and civil society participation. Click here to read more or join in the discussion

December 2007: FrontlineSMS in The Economist

The recent use of kiwanja’s FrontlineSMS system has been quoted in The Economist magazine which discusses the use of mobile phones in the work of global activists. According to the article “more recently FrontlineSMS was used in Pakistan to get round curbs on information flowing in and out of the country. Both there and in Myanmar (Burma) recent disturbances have produced some interesting insights into the cat-and-mouse games of protesters and political masters”. The full article is available in both the print and online versions of the magazine

November 2007: Social Mobile Group hits the 1,000 member mark

kiwanja’s recently launched Facebook group – The Social Mobile Group – has just recruited its 1,000th member. The Group was set up to help connect non-profit organisations, members of the general public and ICT professionals interested in the growing use of mobile technology in developing countries. For further details on the impact of mobiles in areas such as health, education and economic empowerment – or to join the group – click the link above or visit the external website here

November 2007: Nokia UI designers turn their attention to FrontlineSMS

A discussion which started late last month between Ken Banks and J.D. Moore, a User Interface (UI) designer with Nokia, has been posted on his “UI Thread” blog. The discussion centres around FrontlineSMS, described as a “product of ad-hoc ethnography as much as rapid-prototyping”. This is the first time any UI analysis has been carried out on the software. The posting, which is largely based on several email conversations, can be read here

November 2007: invited to Aspen Institute round table discussion

Ken Banks has been invited by The Aspen Institute to take part in a three-day roundtable discussion on Mobile Media and Civic Engagement in San Francisco in December. will join leaders from the technology and Internet industries, advocacy groups and academia to participate in the discussion which aims to explore current examples of socially productive uses of mobile technologies, and explore their potential for strengthening future communities. The event is being organised by The Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program in association with the Centre for Renaissance Journalism at San Francisco State University, with funding from the Ford Foundation

November 2007: FrontlineSMS a preferred solution for Pakistani bloggers

Due to the nature of on-going censorship in Pakistan under the current State of Emergency, activists have begun using text messaging as a way of bypassing restrictions, and a number of groups have turned to FrontlineSMS for the solution. After their own research, one group highlighted FrontlineSMS as the “most appropriate, anonymous and rapidly deployable solution available. The low-budget GSM/laptop hardware configuration deployed in FrontlineSMS is an exact match for our SMS broadcasting needs”. Further details on its deployment are available here. Reports are also available on the 160Characters and ICT4Peace websites

FrontlineSMS, which is currently undergoing further development at Stanford University, has attracted considerable interest from the human rights field and will form part of the discussions during the forthcoming New Tactics in Human Rights workshop

November 2007: Nokia Press Release on nGOmobile

As the nGOmobile competition enters its final month, Nokia have sent out a Press Release via their Africa and Middle East website. A number of East African newspapers have also been running stories as interest picks up before the competition closes on 14th December

November 2007: to contribute to new eLearning publication

Following on from the eLearning in Developing Countries online discussion held earlier this month (see news item below), Ken Banks has been invited to contribute a chapter to a forthcoming book entitled “Education for a Digital World: Advice, Guidelines and Effective Practice from Around the Globe”. Ken’s chapter will cover the use of mobile technology for teaching in developing countries, and analyse and explore current activities and future potential in this growing area. The book is due for publication in summer 2008. Further details will be made available nearer the time

November 2007: interviewed by The Corporate Council of Africa

The Corporate Council of Africa (CCA) have interviewed Ken Banks for the Fall edition of their Africa Journal. This edition looks at ICT innovators and entrepreneurs in Africa, and profiles how individuals are harnessing their own ingenuity within ICT for development and empowerment. The Africa Journal is distributed to U.S. companies, U.S. government agencies, African and U.S. Embassies and government officials, Africa-focused NGOs, corporate and development foundations, state agencies and national and international media representatives. A PDF of the interview is available here, courtesy of CCA

November 2007: New FrontlineSMS Supporters Group launched on Facebook

Following on from the increasingly popular Social Mobile Group, has created a new Facebook group to recruit supporters to the FrontlineSMS cause. The FrontlineSMS Supporters Group aims to engage members of the Facebook community in its use for positive social and environmental change. In the near future, members will be able to directly connect with, and support, NGOs around the world using the software

November 2007: kiwanja to participate in two online discussions has been invited to participate in two separate online discussions for New Tactics in Human Rights and eLearning in Developing Countries. These events aim to examine recent advances in information and communication technology, and how these ICTs can be used to benefit the work of human rights and educational organisations working in developing countries. Ken Banks has been invited to talk to both groups about the potential of mobiles in their work, and will engage in online discussions and answer questions from the New Tactics and eLearning communities. Ken’s participation forms part of the wider work of, which seeks to take the mystery out of mobile technology and help grassroots organisations firstly understand, and then use, mobiles in their work

October 2007: Ken Banks interviewed by Colin Rule for Cyberweek 2007

Ken Banks has been interviewed by Colin Rule, Head of Online Dispute Resolution at eBay and PayPal, for Cyberweek 2007. Cyberweek is a week long virtual gathering of people from all over the world who are interested in utilizing information and communication technology in the vast and varied conflict resolution and avoidance fields. The event runs from 15th to 19th October. A podcast of the interview is available on the Cyberweek Podcast event website, with further commentary available on a range of other related websites including ICT4Peace

October 2007: Stockholm Challenge appoints kiwanja a “Challenge Champion”

Organisers of the Stockholm Challenge have appointed Challenge Champion status to for its work with nGOmobile. The goal of the Challenge is to help counteract social and economic disadvantage, wherever it occurs, by promoting the use of ICT for development. It is mostly targeted towards developing regions and community or social sectors such as gender equality and minorities with the greatest needs. The organisers highlighted kiwanja’s wider work with grassroots NGOs, in addition to the synergy between nGOmobile and its own competition. The Challenge is run by The Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, and supported by Sida and Ericsson. Further details are available on the Challenge Champions page

October 2007: to make keynote at ShareIdeas first online Webinar

Ken Banks, Founder of, has been invited to make the keynote address for‘s first ever online Webinar due to be held on 11th October, 2007. The discussion will be based on the use of mobile technology for positive social and environmental change in the developing world. These Webinars are online events of the community, designed to bring together people interested in the use of mobile communications for social benefit. Webinars invite community members to present their best practices and to join an online chat sessions for questions and answers. The online question and answer session for this first event is set for 12th October, the day after the keynote. To register visit the ShareIdeas Webinar page. Thanks to Bill Thompson for his help in recording the presentation

October 2007: Work begins on the next-generation FrontlineSMS

October sees the start of the new MacArthur Foundation-funded FrontlineSMS project. This is the first major work on the software since it was first released in Beta back in 2005. Building on field trials carried out by dozens of grassroots NGOs around the world, the new version will incorporate a range of new features and enhancements. The funding will also allow for the creation of a new FrontlineSMS Portal, designed to connect users and help the non-profit community make use of SMS in their work. Watch this space – and the FrontlineSMS website – for the latest news and developments

September 2007: nGOmobile featured on the BBC’s “Digital Planet”

kiwanja’s latest initiative – nGOmobile – was featured this week on the BBC World Service Digital Planet series, which reports on technology stories from around the world. Nokia’s Head of Social Investment for Africa and the Middle East, Micheline Ntiru – who is on the competition judging panel – and Ken Banks, founder of, were invited to discuss the project. A Podcast of the interview is available here

September 2007: launches new NGO mobile competition

This Monday, 17th September, sees the launch of a new initiative. nGOmobile is a mobile-based competition designed to encourage grassroots non-profit organisations to think more about how the technology could be applied in their work. The competition is supported by a number of partners, including Hewlett Packard and Nokia, who have both donated laptop computers and mobile phones as prizes. The competition will be featured on the BBC World Service in the next few days (details to follow). Click here for the official Press Release

September 2007: on BBC News Online

Ken Banks, founder of, has been interviewed alongside Jeffrey Sachs by BBC News Online as part of their feature on the implementation of mobile telecommunications in the UN’s Millennium Villages programme. It is hoped that the introduction of the technology will lead to improvements in healthcare and education, as well as provide access to market information and financial services. The BBC article can be read here

September 2007: FrontlineSMS showcased on new m-Government portal

m-GovWorld is a new initiative designed to create an observatory for mobile government developments, and to encourage the development of a community of stakeholders with the aim of enabling the acceleration and adoption of mobile technologies by government agencies. FrontlineSMS – which is receiving considerable attention in this growing field – was recently showcased on the site. Click here to visit the article, published in the “In Practice” section

August 2007: working with Grameen in Uganda

Over the next few weeks, will be working closely with the Grameen Technology Center on the first implementation of its Application Laboratory (AppLab). Building on the network of over 7,000 Village Phone Operators in Uganda, Ken Banks will help the Grameen Technology Center to identify and begin to develop locally relevant data applications and mobile services. Instead of focusing solely on passing on existing technologies to poor communities, the AppLab is unique in that it focuses on how information and
communications technology can be developed to serve the needs and demands of poor people. Further details on the project are available via the Grameen Foundation website

July 2007: Ken Banks on “Interviews with Innovators”

Ken Banks was recently interviewed by Jon Udell – author, information architect, software developer and new media innovator – for his Interviews with Innovators series. In his day job with Microsoft, and through his IT Conversations website, Jon explores a wide range of issues at the intersection of technology and society. Here, Ken talks about kiwanja’s work with mobile in developing countries, the thinking behind FrontlineSMS, and how the system is being adopted by grassroots NGOs in the developing world. You can listen – and get background information on the interview – via the Innovators website, or by visiting the Links/Downloads page

July 2007: Interview with African Digerati now on-line

An interview between Ken Banks and Erik Hersman, author of the popular African Digerati interview series, has now been made available on-line. In the interview, Ken talks about his work, and his thoughts on technology and development

July 2007: interviewed for Sussex University alumni magazine

Following the recent uptake of news and a spate of interviews, Sussex University recently approached and requested an interview for their own Falmer alumni magazine (Ken Banks graduated from Sussex University in 1999 with a BA (Hons) in Social Anthropology with Development Studies). The interview was largely based on the one given to Rhett Butler of in April (thanks to Rhett for permission to reproduce parts of the interview). A PDF of the recent Sussex interview is available here (thanks to the Sussex University Alumni Department)

July 2007: New mobile interest group launched on Facebook has recently launched a new group on Facebook – The Social Mobile Group – for non-profit organisations, members of the general public and ICT professionals interested in the growing use of mobile technology in developing countries. For further details on the impact of mobiles in areas such as health, education and economic empowerment – or to join the group – click the link above or visit the external website here

July 2007: ZapBoom digital activism site launches with kiwanja in “Dream Team”

A new website has been launched to help disseminate information on how citizens use digital technology to organize campaigns for political change. Developed by Mary Joyce, a renown digital activism blogger and author, the site announced its Dream Team – “the people I admire as being at the top of the digital activism field worldwide”. Visit ZapBoom to check out the full list

July 2007: Blog now available via RSS

As part of this summer’s planned ongoing website development, the Blog is now
available via an RSS feed. This News page will be next!

July 2007: Interview with Ken Banks on the new website

Ken Banks was interviewed earlier this month by Sheila Kinkade, one of the Editors behind the newly launched website. is an online community and a wiki for sharing ideas on how mobile communications are being used for social and environmental benefit. It was created with support from Nokia and Vodafone, but belongs to the growing global network of individuals and organizations that use this virtual gathering place to communicate and collaborate

July 2007: to talk at the Digital World Research Centre

Ken Banks has been invited to speak at the next “Digital World Seminar”, a monthly event hosted by the Digital World Research Centre at Surrey University, UK. Ken will discuss the use of mobile technology in international conservation and development, and talk about his present and future plans for FrontlineSMS

June 2007: Banff Expert Panel opening statement now available on-line

A video of Ken Banks’ opening position statement from Banff is now available online. kiwanja was invited to sit on the Expert Panel discussing “Web Delivery Models for Developing Regions” at the 16th International World Wide Web Conference, held in Banff, Canada this May. Click on the image to the right to open the video page

June 2007: awarded significant MacArthur grant for FrontlineSMS, in collaboration with Stanford University, has been awarded a $200,000 grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to build on its work with FrontlineSMS. The MacArthur Foundation is a private, independent grantmaking institution dedicated to helping groups and individuals foster lasting improvement in the human condition. Through the support it provides, the Foundation fosters the development of knowledge, nurtures individual creativity, strengthens institutions, helps improve public policy, and provides information to the public, primarily through support for public interest media

The grant will allow FrontlineSMS to be taken from its current proof-of-concept phase to full release and support the development of a new mobile-based information portal for the NGO community. The project is due to commence in July 2007 and will run for a period of nine months

June 2007: FrontlineSMS used to help monitor Philippine elections

Last month, FrontlineSMS was used as one of a number of tools to monitor the Philippine elections. The results – and a report – on the monitoring project, run by the Philippine Computer Professionals Union, will be announced once analysis of the data is complete

June 2007: kiwanja at mobile activism workshop in Nairobi has just returned from a ‘Mobile Activism in Africa’ workshop organised by Fahamu and Tactical Tech, held in Nairobi, Kenya. The purpose of the meeting was to enable activists to exchange experiences and plan strategies to support their work. There are also plans to establish an African regional network of social justice advocates who use mobile technologies, and to facilitate an ongoing support network for these organisations

June 2007: FrontlineSMS shortlisted for 2007 Mobile Messaging Award

FrontlineSMS has been shortlisted in the “Messaging Application/ Service: Public Sector/Not-for-profit” section of the 2007 Mobile Messaging Awards. The winners will be announced at a Gala Awards Dinner in Monte Carlo on the 5th June 2007, immediately after the first day of the Global Messaging Congress

May 2007: NMEM release final report on the use of FrontlineSMS in Nigeria

The Network of Mobile Election Monitors (NMEM) have released their final report on the use of kiwanja’s FrontlineSMS system in the recent Nigerian presidential elections. According to the White African website:

“This type of election monitoring is ground breaking in Africa. I wouldn’t be surprised if it continued to be a case study for future monitoring efforts around the continent – it perfectly showcases how technology can be used to circumnavigate government and organizational inefficiencies by going directly to the people”

A PDF version of the report can be downloaded here, courtesy of NMEM

May 2007: kiwanja interviewed by Erik Hersman of African Signals

Ken Banks recently gave an interview on the work of to Erik Hersman, the man behind the hugely popular White African blog. African Signals is a new internet video news channel which highlights interesting technology stories from around Africa. The interview – which was podcasted – is available on the African Signals website

May 2007: kiwanja at the 16th International World Wide Web Conference

kiwanja’s Position Paper for the forthcoming MobEA V workshop in Banff, Canada was recently accepted by the Workshop Committee and Ken Banks will be there to present the paper in person. MobEA V is one of a number workshops taking place at the 16th International World Wide Web Conference in Banff, between 8th and 11th May, and tackles issues surrounding the implementation of the mobile web in developing countries. kiwanja presented a similar paper at a W3C Workshop last December in Bangalore, India

Ken Banks has also been invited to sit on one of only seven specialist panels at this international event, and will be discussing “Web Delivery Models for Developing Regions” as part of the Technology for Developing Regions track. Panel details are available here

May 2007: interviewed by Nokia

Following a successful presentation at the W3C Workshop in Bangalore (see December’s news item), was interviewed about its work in Africa for Nokia’s “New Horizons” magazine. “New Horizons” is a quarterly newsletter targeted at anyone interested in new growth markets and reaching the next billion subscriber milestone. It also provides industry insights from different players, including operators, regulators and research companies. The interview can be read here

May 2007: The inside story behind FrontlineSMS and the Nigerian elections…

Ken Banks of has written an exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ article on the thinking behind FrontlineSMS, and how it ended up being used to help monitor the Nigerian elections last month. To read the article visit Pambazuka News. Thanks to Firoze Manji for his interest in the story

April 2007: WSIS: FrontlineSMS featured as “ICT Success Story of the Month”

FrontlineSMS has been featured on the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) website as the ICT Success Story of the month for April/May 2007

April 2007: BBC “Have Your Say” discussion on the use of SMS in the Nigerian elections

Following news that FrontlineSMS was to be used to monitor the Nigerian elections, the BBC set up a Discussion Forum to encourage debate on the subject. For an interesting insight into how voters in Nigeria feel about the new text message monitoring phenomenon, visit the BBC forum

April 2007: kiwanja on the BBC

Following news that FrontlineSMS is to be used to monitor the forthcoming Nigerian elections (see below), has been invited to talk about the technology, and the story behind it, on the next edition of Digital Planet, the weekly BBC World Service programme that reports on technology stories from around the globe. A podcast of the segment of the programme relating to this story can be downloaded here or via the player below. The story was also picked up by BBC News (all material courtesy of the BBC)

April 2007: FrontlineSMS to be used to monitor Nigerian elections

The Network of Mobile Election Monitors of Nigeria (NMEM) have recently implemented kiwanja’s FrontlineSMS system and will be using the software from Saturday 21st April to monitor the country’s Presidential Elections. Volunteer observers will text their observations into the FrontlineSMS hub where the election process will be monitored. kiwanja has provided free technical support and advice, as well as use of the software, to the Nigerian NGO. Full details are available via the official NMEM Press Release believes that all non-profits, whatever their size and wherever they operate, should be given the opportunity to implement the latest technologies in their work, and actively seeks to provide the tools to enable them to do so

April 2007: kiwanja interviewed by

A recent interview with has just been published on-line. Mongabay seeks to promote appreciation of wildlands and wildlife, while examining the impact of emerging local and global trends in technology, economics, and finance on conservation and development. The interview covered emerging technology trends, in particular the use of mobiles

April 2007: kiwanja helps Stanford with ‘Dunia Moja’ pilot

Stanford University have just launched a new pilot course on international environmental issues in collaboration with faculty and students at three universities in Africa – the University of the Western Cape in South Africa, Mweka College of African Wildlife Managementin Tanzania, and Makerere University in Uganda. The course offers students the opportunity to learn from leading experts in environmental sciences from several countries and to debate issues using a combination of internet and mobile technologies. Particularly innovative is the use of mobiles to increase communications and access to course materials, with mobile blogging used to encourage interaction between participants. kiwanja helped with elements of the mobile strategy, and created the main project portal

Further details of this exciting pilot are available on the Dunia Moja website

April 2007: kiwanja facilitates Amnesty arms workshop in India has just returned from a three-day Amnesty International workshop held in New Delhi, India. The short workshop was designed to train and educate a number of young Control Arms campaigners from the region. Thousands of people are killed, injured, raped and forced to flee from their homes as a result of the unregulated global arms trade. The Control Arms campaign is calling for an international, legally-binding Arms Trade Treaty to ease the suffering caused by irresponsible weapons transfers discussed the uses of mobile technology in campaigning, advocacy and voting, gave examples of its use throughout the developed and developing worlds, discussed options and answered questions from the delegates. A training session on FrontlineSMS was also provided – the software was previously identified by Amnesty as a key tool in their continuing work in South-East Asia

Details of kiwanja’s Workshop program can be found in the Workshops section of this site

March 2007: kiwanja debuts on iTunes

A Podcast of kiwanja’s interview at Net Tuesday, San Francisco, 13th March, is now available on the NetSquared website and on iTunes in the “Podcasts” section under Net Tuesday 

March 2007: Work begins on The kiwanja Foundation

The process of registering The kiwanja Foundation as a charitable organisation in California has begun thanks to the kind support of the silicon valley offices of Perkins Coie, an international law firm, who are providing their services free of charge. The kiwanja Foundation will build on the work of by developing high impact, innovative, replicable and sustainable technology-based solutions designed to create positive social and environmental change throughout the developing world. It is anticipated that the Foundation, and its website, will be officially launched in the summer

March 2007: forthcoming talks and presentations has been invited to speak at the upcoming Net Squared meeting in San Francisco on March 13th. The second Tuesday of each month, social change-makers and web innovators get together to network, socialize and share ideas at Net Tuesday. Ken Banks of will be talking about the application of mobile technology in international conservation and development, and the need to consider the social and environmental conditions when designing and applying solutions in the developing world. The event is free and open to the public. To attend see

On 6th March, kiwanja will be heading to the University of Arizona with another Reuters Digital Vision Fellow, Edgardo Herbosa, to meet with faculty and staff at BARA (the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology). The final act in a busy schedule will be a panel discussion, open to members of faculty, students and the public, to discuss a range of topics including social entrepreneurship and the role of technology and anthropology in international conservation and development

Last month, kiwanja presented to a team at IDEO. IDEO helps organizations innovate through design. Independently ranked by global business leaders as one of the world’s most innovative companies, they use design thinking to help clients navigate the speed, complexity, and opportunity areas of today’s world. kiwanja discussed its approach to applying ICTs based on social and environmental conditions in emerging, or developing, markets

February 2007: Connect with kiwanja on social networking sites

kiwanja can now be contacted via LinkedIn or Facebook. If you’d like to connect using either of these social networking tools, get in touch

January 2007: New mobile database and image gallery go live

On 1st January, kiwanja launched two new website services – an online mobile database and a gallery of images. The Mobile Database is a resource designed to provide information on mobile usage around the world. With a particular emphasis on social and environmental initiatives, it aims to assist academics, professionals and practitioners interested in ways mobile telephony is being used to enhance environmental, social, humanitarian, political and economic causes. The database launches with details of several dozen projects, articles and reports, and will be continually updated with past, present and future initiatives as they come online. Users are encouraged to help by submitting details of their own projects, and volunteers are encouraged to assist with general updating. Volunteers can check out the Contact page for details. Thanks to Inprofy for their help with the project

Until now, high quality royalty-free mobile-related images have been hard to find on the web. The Mobile Gallery aims to meet this need by providing NGOs and non-profits with royalty-free photographs for use in brochures, general literature, websites or project reports and proposals

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