2 thoughts on “When a phone is not just a phone…

  1. jasireen says:

    It was the empowerment of wowmen in Uganda in late 87 which had revolutionised the dynamics of business and power.Uganda is the only country in Africa where women have the same voice and power like men.
    women started small businesses with help of small revolving community funds.
    As women were liberated into politics and business,now,in rural areas, women are starting small phone booths where local people can access to the internet.
    Gone are the days when businesses cheated women of prices because of ignorance.Now women who are the bread winners of the country can access the prices of goods and services before leaving their homes.
    phones have transformed Uganda and the more people coonected,the more it is to accelerate dvelopment.
    Africa is becoming a big market for technology

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