17 thoughts on “Development best practice for beginners. #3

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  6. Alasdair Munn says:

    I like this as it goes beyond the stereotype of “the bush telegraph”. In the West many people centre their entertainment around their mobile technology, be it incorporating a MP3 player, camera, video, mobile broadband or just scheduling a meet up.
    In many parts of rural Africa, the drum is used within the community to communicate so many things, be it music, celebrations, mourning, communicating, passing down oral stories and traditions.

    A cell phone can improve the lives of rural Africans. It can ensure there is appropriate development, but it must be careful not to destroy the culture, community and tradition that comes with the drum.

  7. Jamie says:

    Love it (and the first comment). Pictures speak (or beat?) a thousand words. Wonderful to leave blog posts totally open to interpretation like this, and leave a little to the imagination

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  12. rogers_78 says:

    I don’t know how many of these you plan on doing, but you should definitely put them altogether as a PDF or something. These would be a great learning resource and could form the basis of workshops or the like.

    This one — the phone and drum — are quite provocative and you could look at these many ways. But I expect that’s what you intended. 🙂

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