The new face of Kampala

Today, the Kampala skyline is broken by quality four and five star hotels and high-rise office buildings. Mobile phone masts take pride of place on the surrounding hills. The towns are littered with mobile phone shops and kiosks, and a splattering of Internet cafes.

It’s hard to imagine, but when I first came to Uganda in 1995 there was no Internet to speak of, no mobile phone shops, the Sheraton was pretty-much the only place for high-end tourists to stay, and there were few high-rise buildings that I remember. I was also yet to own my first mobile phone.


13 thoughts on “The new face of Kampala

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  9. Michael says:

    It’s also hard to imagine… how many of the “medical” and other missions stay at these lavish hotels on donor funded trips. If the donors only knew…

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