The unnatural evolution of living

From the primordial soup, to the rain forest, to the African savanna, to… this. Welcome to Sci-Fi City, United Arab Emirates. Not only the future of cities – the future of living!

“Here, residents will live with driverless electric cars, shaded streets cooled by a huge wind tower, and a Big Brother-style ‘green policeman’ monitoring their energy use”.

How far we have come as a species. Doesn’t life in Sci-Fi City sound clinical? Today, if you took away all our electronic gadgets most people would complain for a while, but most of us still remember how to live without them. How quickly that is changing. As our technical creativity increases, so does our dependence on it. Some call this progress. I call it scary.

3 thoughts on “The unnatural evolution of living

  1. ICT Experiences says:

    Here in Africa, we are already living in the future. How? So much has changed. I barely see my best friend. I have to call, skype, email or Gmail SMS to confirm when to meet unlike before when i would just talk a stroll to his place & we go ahead to share a beer togather or catch up on the latest in the news. The gadgets we have are already taking charge of our lives, and we want more of it. Am now dreaming of an ipad… 😉

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