An SMS is an SMS in any language

With users in over forty countries around the world – and growing – keeping FrontlineSMS an English language application was never going to be the way forward. Thanks to some great work from the developers, and with the new FrontlineSMS a matter of days from launch, we’re turning our attention to widening language support. Volunteers and supporters from around the world – some of which are members of the FrontlineSMS Supporters Group on Facebook – have been helping us translate the software into other core languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French and Swahili. FrontlineSMS will support these at launch, with additional support in the pipeline for Filipino and Cambodian.

Of course, if we’re talking about NGOs, activism and human rights, no SMS platform would be complete without Chinese language support. So here we have it – another one we’re including at launch. It’s going to be interesting to see how this impacts adoption in China, a country which, so far, has no FrontlineSMS users.