When help comes in a box

Tactical TechFor those of you who don’t know, Tactical Tech is an international NGO specialising in helping human rights advocates use information, communications and digital technologies to maximise the impact of their advocacy work. They empower by providing advocates with guides, tools, training and consultancy which help them develop the skills and tactics they need to increase the impact of their campaigning.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Tactical Tech over the past couple of years, and am a huge fan of their work. If you’re an NGO, or work with NGOs, then take a look at some of the tool kits they’ve put together. Just like any good sweet shop, there’s something in there for everyone.

Mobiles in-a-box
Designed to support campaigners looking to use mobile technology in their work
English: http://mobiles.tacticaltech.org
French: http://fr.mobiles.tacticaltech.org
Email: mobiles{at}tacticaltech.org

Message in-a-box
A set of strategic guides and tools to help non-profits create media and communicate for social change
English: http://www.messageinabox.tacticaltech.org
Email: miab{at}tacticaltech.org

Security in-a-box
Created to meet the digital security and privacy needs of advocates and human rights defenders
English: http://security.ngoinabox.org
Soon in Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish
Email: security{at}tacticaltech.org

Maps for Advocacy
An effective, practical guide to using maps in advocacy campaigns
English: http://www.tacticaltech.org/mapsforadvocacy
Email: mapping{at}tacticaltech.org

Visualising Information for Advocacy
A manual aimed at helping NGOs and advocates strengthen their campaigns and projects through visual communication
English: http://www.tacticaltech.org/infodesign
Soon available in Russian
Email: infodesign{at}tacticaltech.org

Quick ‘n’ Easy Guide to Online Advocacy
Aims to expose advocates to online services that are quick to use and easy to understand
English: http://onlineadvocacy.tacticaltech.org

Base NGO in-a-box
A collection of tools for the day-to-day running of small to medium sized NGOs
English: http://base.ngoinabox.org
Currently being updated and translated into a number of languages
Email: base{at}tacticaltech.org

All of these guides and toolkits are available online as downloadable files, or they can be posted to not-for-profits in a book/CD format, free of charge.

24 thoughts on “When help comes in a box

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  16. Mark Kaigwa says:

    Hey Ken,

    Thanks for the post. Definitely well writtern. Appreciate the resources, will be sure to bookmark and share. Had a couple questions from a friend of mine in the NGO not-for-profit industry, will be sure to link them here. Appreciate it.

  17. kiwanja says:

    @Mark @GeorgeS – I like what Tactical Tech are trying to do here – delivering very practical tools for NGOs and not just telling them what’s out there and what stuff can do. It’s a pretty bold approach, and not easy (particularly in the case of the Mobile toolkit, which I helped out with). Hope you both get some value, and remember to help spread the word!

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